Pochètte Couture is a slow-fashion oriented brand with playful vibes.
It’s about wear clothes differently, make conscious choices and enjoy life.
About been yourself, have fun, been “très chic” but spontaneous at the same time.

The style is timeless, romantic, classic and sophisticated but also funny and joyful!
It’s inspired by all the sweet and cozy things I find interesting, lovely colors, vintage, and french allure.
For me wearing a dress is a way to express our own personality, without hiding behind trends.

I’m Anna, a designer, maker and a cat lover.
I like been surrounded by creativity. That’s why I moved from a small town in Italy to Amsterdam, for me one of the most inspiring city in Europe.
The name Pochètte comes from the high school where my French teacher used to call me like this because of my surname (=Tasca = pocket in English = poche in French. Pochette is like a little pocket). I find it very sweet.

I design all the clothes and create them by hand with lot of love, care and attention. Every single piece it’s a result of extensive research, study and passion.
The fabrics are carefully selected in local shops and markets, or in online little family-business stores.
All the styles are limited produced and some of them will be made upon request, so I’ll be sure not to waste textile.
Oh, and because of this, I can make them fit you just right!

After years of studying and working for big fashion companies, now I feel closer to the slow fashion, a movement that embrace the sustainable production, born to guarantee quality and durable goods and a better life condition of the artisan, as well as less waste of material.
Of course also the relationship with the customer is totally different.
I love the fact that I can follow  you through the purchase, be there to answer any of your request. Would you like to make some alterations to a style? (change the length or the neck, for example) Why not? Ask me, I’ll be happy to fulfill your wishes!

If you'd like to know better Pochètte follow me on Instagram at @pochettecouture


Welcome to the Pochètte's world! A world full of love and sweetness, a world where every woman can feel romantic, stylish and funny! I'm a designer, a creative and a maker, I put all my love in the work I do.

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